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Support Texas youth by contributing to 4-H and FFA projects sold at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Jr. Livestock Auction.


The San Antonio Corral Club began in 1994 with one purpose: To raise funds with friends through parties & concerts to purchase livestock at the Jr. Livestock Auction.

  • Established in 1994
  • Hosted 1st Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo in 2001
What is Ranch Rodeo?

Track Record

During the 2014 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, the SA Corral Club purchased lambs to maintain the floor price and ensure each child's just reward.

  • Supported almost 150 Jr. Livestock Auction projects
  • Spent $35,000 at auction in 2014
Support Corral Club in 2014

The Future

The San Antonio Corral Club was instrumental in the growing popularity of the sport of Ranch Rodeo. Join us as we promote the sport in an effort to support Texas youth!

  • 180+ current members
  • Celebrating 12th Annual Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo!
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Each year we're overwhelmed by the appreciation of children we impact. And every year we've been blessed with the ability to increase our support. Thank you to all the fantastic sponsors that enable us to produce the Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo and thank you to our generous volunteers who make the
San Antonio Corral Club possible.

Josh Reneau, President of San Antonio Corral Club