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2012 Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo Champions!

Briscoe Ranch
Carrizo Springs, Texas

From left to right:
Ty Brzozowski
Doug Burdette
Matt Benton
Justin Wahlberg
Josh Baros

2012 Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo - Average ($1,750 Added)

Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo Contestant's Poster (registration is now closed)


Team NameMembersCircuit PointsPayout
Briscoe Ranch
Carrizo Springs, TX
Ty Brzozowski
Doug Burdette
Matt Benton
Justin Wahlberg
Josh Baros
M & M Cattle Company
Victoria, TX
Marty Rosenquest
Cody Cerney
Cole Applegate
Matt Meador
Cale Applegate
South Texas Cattle Marketing
Pearsall, TX
Lew Thompson
Junior Martinez
Sergio (Chicky) Cisneros
Charles Zella
Caleb Molina
Rancho La Fe
Crystal City, TX
Johnny Graciano
Jesse Graciang
Thomas Crow
Oscar Lombrana
Raymond Sendejo
L&R Cattle Company
Hallettsville, TX
Cody Leopold
Kevin Rainosek
Tyler Werner
Chance Koening
Justin Walhburg
L.O. Oilfield
Pleasanton, TX
Anthony Guerrero
Ethan Hager
Omar Salazar
Cody Oxford
Gary Rothlisberger

2012 Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo - Finals

Steer Tying
Team NameTimeRodeo PointsPayout
M & M Cattle Company49.179$180.00
Briscoe Ranch50.798$120.00
South Texas Cattle Marketing50.937
Paloma Cattle Company64.266
Flying B Ranch64.785
L&R Cattle Company65.114
Rancho La Fe66.363
HB Cattle Company87.712
L.O. Oilfield100.371
Calf Branding
Team NameTimeRodeo PointsPayout
Rancho La Fe16.399$180.00
Briscoe Ranch17.308$120.00
L&R Cattle Company25.607
Paloma Cattle Company26.926
L.O. Oilfield27.275
Flying B Ranch30.674
South Texas Cattle Marketing38.423
M & M Cattle Company40.822
HB Cattle Company57.181
Rescue Race
Team NameTimeRodeo PointsPayout
Briscoe Ranch48.669$180.00
Rancho La Fe58.008$120.00
L&R Cattle Company58.337
M & M Cattle Company58.406
L.O. Oilfield62.525
South Texas Cattle Marketing67.124
Flying B Ranch69.493
Paloma Cattle CompanyDO0
HB Cattle CompanyNT0
Wild Cow Milking
Team NameTimeRodeo PointsPayout
M & M Cattle Company31.919$180.00
L&R Cattle Company38.828$120.00
South Texas Cattle Marketing49.667
Rancho La Fe50.176
L.O. Oilfield52.525
Briscoe Ranch55.904
HB Cattle CompanyNT0
Paloma Cattle CompanyNT0
Flying B RanchNT0
Steer Loading
Team NameTimeRodeo PointsPayout
L.O. Oilfield22.329$180.00
South Texas Cattle Marketing32.248$120.00
Briscoe Ranch32.617
M & M Cattle Company37.706
Rancho La Fe44.805
Flying B Ranch48.254
Paloma Cattle Company64.643
HB Cattle Company141.762
L&R Cattle CompanyNT0
Hide Race
Team NameTimeRodeo PointsPayout
Briscoe Ranch16.279$180.00
South Texas Cattle Marketing16.788$120.00
M & M Cattle Company16.807
L&R Cattle Company17.886
L.O. Oilfield18.155
Rancho La Fe18.534
HB Cattle Company20.263
Flying B Ranch30.762
Paloma Cattle CompanyDO0

2011 Ring of Fire Ranch Rodeo - Short Go

Steer Tying
Team NameTimeShort Go PointsPayout
Solomon Cattle Company39.5315$225.00
Flying B Ranch44.9314$150.00
M & M Cattle Company48.0713
Runnels Pierce58.3812
La Sombrita58.5611
Wexford Ranch61.3510
Hondo Creek Ranch64.639
4-L Ranch65.228
South Texas Cattle Marketing67.037
Griffith Ranch70.406
Rancho Seco76.785
Briscoe Ranch78.784
Critter Gitters87.503
Rancho La Fe101.812
Got No Ranch110.721
Calf Branding
Team NameTimeLong Go PointsPayout
Runnels Pierce18.8415$225.00
M & M Cattle Company20.2214$150.00
South Texas Cattle Marketing24.5613
Briscoe Ranch24.8512
Rancho Seco31.5911
Wexford Ranch35.3510
4-L Ranch35.919
Hondo Creek Ranch39.318
La Sombrita40.287
Solomon Cattle Company45.716
Griffith Ranch48.285
Flying B Ranch49.374
Got No Ranch50.713
Rancho La Fe51.402
Critter Gitters180.000
Rescue Race
Team NameTimeLong Go PointsPayout
Rancho Seco57.1215$225.00
Rancho La Fe59.1614$150.00
Briscoe Ranch59.6813
South Texas Cattle Marketing61.0012
M & M Cattle Company63.5311
Wexford Ranch64.1010
4-L Ranch66.539
Solomon Cattle Company67.228
Runnels Pierce72.717
Griffith Ranch73.256
Got No Ranch81.415
Critter Gitters81.634
Flying B Ranch85.223
Hondo Creek Ranch89.652
La Sombrita94.191
Steer Doctoring
Team NameTimeLong Go PointsPayout
Flying B Ranch19.1815$225.00
Critter Gitters20.1214$150.00
Rancho Seco20.5913
Wexford Ranch20.7212
Solomon Cattle Company20.7511
M & M Cattle Company22.1610
Runnels Pierce23.639
Rancho La Fe23.758
Griffith Ranch27.447
Briscoe Ranch28.946
Hondo Creek Ranch30.855
La Sombrita35.384
4-L Ranch39.123
South Texas Cattle Marketing41.972
Got No Ranch46.941

Contestant Information
The Kendall County Fairgrounds are nestled in the quaint hill country town of Boerne, TX. When you've arrived in Boerne, go east on HWY 46 (River Road) and the Fairgrounds will be on your right. For the team entrance, continue past the main gate and take the first right at the stop light on Charger Blvd. The team entrance will be the first right off of Charger Blvd.

  • If you wish to reserve a stall, you must coordinate this directly with the Kendall County Fairgrounds. They offer 12 x 12 stalls, 50’ round pens, trailer space, wash racks and the 140’ x 280’ arena. Daily rates are $20. For more information and availability call Trevor at 830-431-2871. Space is limited and renters must bring their own shavings.
  • If you wish to utilize connections for your RV at the Fairgrounds, this can also be coordinated directly with the Kendall County Fairgrounds. For more information and availability call
    Trevor at 830-431-2871.